Modern firm, fully supported by national assets, made up of specialized professionals

in the reported field of action and in professional qualification. Our partners enable us to offer a wide range of services in different fields of action, according to our customer´s needs, such as, for instance, prototypes made of different materials, including polymers, composites and woods.


According to our experience, we present solutions for the customer´s needs in the area of industrial automation, maintenance, recovery and commissioning equipment or mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components, among others.

We work in the industrial maintenance area, not only through the creation of preventive intervention plans, but also in the dressing scope. The operated upon /designed / built equipment by us is registered on a data base which identifies all of the equipment´s components, allowing therefore a fast and accurate intervention.

We accomplish and carry out projects and mechanical engineering dimensioning, we build equipment in different scales for several industries, we provide elevation and load movement structures and static load structures. We apply the latest technical design and simulation software and we use hi-tec manufacturing technologies.

We operate on wide scope technical areas. Don´t hesitate to consult us in order get a more specific idea about our services and our ability to solve your enterprise´s specific problems.

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You can find us in Medas, Gondomar city, 4 km from highway’s A42 exit (MEDAS EXIT), 20 minute drive from Oporto and Espinho, 30 min from the aeroport.


International department

 We are in touch with several firms in different countries

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